3 Problems That Roof Damage And Wear Could Cause Your Home


The roof of your home protects you from water and leaks, but when it is damaged, the problems can get worse. Severe damage and leaks that go unrepaired cause costly water damage. When you are doing repairs to your home, you will want to make insurance claims for the repairs and restoration that will be needed. Here are some of the roof damage and wear problems that will require making and insurance claim to have restorations done:

1. Small Leaks That Could Lead to Serious Water Damage

There are many small leaks that could cause water damage to your home. Sometimes, these leaks may be hidden in the attic and exterior walls, where you do not notice them. You will notice the leaks when you begin to have problems with rotten wood, watermarks in your home or even mold growth. Have a roofer regularly inspect your roof for leaks to avoid these problems. If you do have this problem, have a contractor, insurance adjustor or professional roofer document the damage to use for an insurance claim. It is often better to get different opinions from several professionals before making an insurance claim.

2. Storm Damage and Leaks in Your Home That Require Water Damage Restoration

Though out the year, storms are common in many regions. You may not think about the power of Mother Nature until it causes damage to your roof and water damage in your home. If your home has been severely damaged in a storm, you will want to have an adjuster estimate the cost of the restoration. Before you make your insurance claim, it will also be a good idea to talk with a roof repair contractor to get a written estimate for the repairs in case the insurance adjustment is a lot less than the actual cost of repairs.

3. Light Wear and Damage That Could Go Unnoticed and Need Repairs

There are also problems with wear and damage that can go unnoticed. Sometimes, this damage may be caused by storms or just high winds. When the roof begins to leak or you see signs of wear, sometimes the roof damage has gotten worse and you may need to make an insurance claim to cover the cost of restoration repairs.

These are some of the roofing problems that could cause damage that is beyond your control and needs to have aroof leaks insurance claim done to repair. Contact an insurance claims service to get help with documenting roof leak damage to get the repairs done to your home. 


19 December 2017

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