How To Prepare For A Future Insurance Appraisal


Nobody wants something bad to happen to their home or other property, but bad things happen. That's why insurance is so important. It protects us against the liabilities of life. However, it's not always a perfect process to prove a claim that you may have. This is why insurance appraisals are so important. Appraisers help the insurance company and the insured get the correct value for a claim against a loss.

25 June 2020

What Factors Impact A Home's Appraisal


Do you need to get a home appraisal performed soon, but are wondering what factors will influence the final value? If so, know about the following 5 things that will make a difference.  Construction Materials One thing an appraiser is going to look at is the construction materials that make up the home. They will consider everything, from the exterior of the home being made from brick or vinyl siding, all the way to if the interior walls are made with drywall or plaster.

18 March 2020